Frustration-free handling of outlay.

Corpay One automates you employee outlays. Treat your employees with an automated reimbursement process.
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Authorisation on intelligent autopilot

Automate all the steps in your approval process and make sure your employees can work effectively.

Lightning-fast reimbursements

Reimbursements are 15 times faster with Corpay One. Make month-long waits a thing of the past.

Increase productivity

Free up your employees' time. Make it simple and effective to handle expenses for everyone.
Data entry

Flawless expenditure reports

It takes up to 45 minutes to find and correct an error in an expenditure report. Corpay One scans and extracts the data you need. Drop manual data entry entirely to avoid inputting errors.

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Get your money back faster

Most companies take 30 days to repay employee expenses - this is too long. With Corpay One, once an expense is approved, the employee will be paid back within a few days.

Fast upload

Take control of documents

Using the app and your inbox makes sure your documents are always uploaded and available in Corpay One. Avoid chasing missing documents at the end of the month.

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Expenditure reporting. Just easier.

Even if you work in different locations, Corpay One integrations and automatic solutions collate your expenses.
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Spot duplicates

Internal fraud is a ticking time-bomb for growing companies. Corpay One prevents it by identifying duplicate receipts.

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ERP synchronisation

All expenses in Corpay One are synchronised with your accounting program. All company expenses are under control.

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Slack integration

Approve, reject, or gather more information on expenses - without leaving your chat.

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Chrome extension

Upload attachments directly from your Gmail inbox with a single click.

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Document match

Upload your company card statement and reconcile it to the documents you have in Corpay One.

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Need more information about an expense? Corpay One's chat function keeps your finance communications in one place.

Original Coffee has reduced manual finance team hours by 60% - even as they grew by 4x.

“The seamless data management that Corpay One has provided us is crucial to our business. In addition to being a time and money saver, it’s also enabling us to scale our business while maintaining a higher level of control and accuracy.” 
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Martin Hjarsbæk, CFO
Martin Hjarsbæk
Chief Finance Officer, Original Coffee
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