Auditors and bookkeepers have better things to do than manual data entry

Corpay One is an all-in-one solution that intelligently automates the invoice flow, reducing risk and streamlining the process –all while supporting the needs of your company and clients

How Corpay One works

Corpay One is designed to automate and optimise your clients bill pay, from scan to payment
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Our intelligent scanning technology reads the most important details from invoices that land in the client's Corpay One inbox.

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Corpay One automatically submits invoices using workflows that can be customised to your exact needs.

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The invoice will be sent for approval to the appropriate individual.

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When the client clicks approve, Corpay One pays directly via Mudulr and synchronises it all to the client's accounting software - without logging in to online banking.

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Why use Corpay One?

Corpay One for Advisors is the perfect partner if you offer bookkeeping services. Corpay One is designed to automate manual processes in creditor bookkeeping.

Simple implementation

Automation of manual work processes is a major change. Therefore our team of bookkeeping experts is ready to offer training and guidance in the use of Corpay One, so your employees feel safe and equipped for the new processes.

Faster payments

Using Corpay One avoids the need to log in to your clients' online bank account to make payments. Through bank integrations, Corpay One directly completes a payment when the client clicks “Approve”.

Automatic bookkeeping

Corpay One records invoices using simple "If this, then that" rules, which are easy to set up. When the right person has approved the expense, posting, bookkeeping and payment is carried out automatically.
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"I think that's brilliant - in fact, it's the best thing about Corpay One. Because then there are no employees who have to go to the side and do some semi-automatic work with payment slips, etc., which can be both complicated and time-consuming," he says and continues:

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Read others' success stories

Read how Corpay One's automated bookkeeping helps others devote more time to business development.

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Onboarding and support

All change requires time to adapt. Our team of bookkeeping and audit experts are ready on-hand to provide support to you, and your clients, when you start using Corpay One.


Workflows do the work for you

Customise workflows in line with your clients' accounting needs. Rules can be simple, for example "If supplier is x then account should be y" but it is also possible to set up more advanced workflows based on quantity, specific employees, etc.

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Organise your employees

Handle your clients securely

Use Corpay One's group function to give specific employees access to their assigned clients. Different access groups help secure your clients' data.

Create value for your company and your clients now

Use Corpay One to streamline both your client management and their creditor bookkeeping.

Keep processes together

Using Corpay One, you can keep all creditor work processes in one place.

Create more value

Create value for your customers by helping their finance department save valuable hours.

New business models

Use the time you save with Corpay One to provide more complex non-automatable services to your clients.

What does Corpay One Advisors look like?

Corpay One is built for accountants and bookkeepers - no matter their clients or size.


Use Corpay One to scale-up without working harder. Automate time-consuming tasks so you can take on more clients.


Corpay One promotes audit efficiency by facilitating real-time audit information. Scale-up your firm and free up time to offer more advanced client services.

External CFOs

Financial reporting is a challenge for all companies. Use Corpay One to streamline accounting data, leaving you more time to focus on financial planning.

Finance consultants

Do you help clients create growth and optimise processes? Corpay One supports exactly that type of work.

Use Corpay One internally, or provide your clients with direct Corpay One access.

You control how you and your clients use Corpay One. You can easily onboard clients to the platform, or simply use Corpay One internally to effectively deal with your clients.
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With client onboarding

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Corpay One gives you an opportunity to offer your clients automatic document management that integrates with their accounting system.

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Create automated processes with workflows that cover your clients' needs, from accounting to payment approval.

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Your clients have access to an effective tool for dealing with employee expenses, simplifying expenditure reporting.

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Without client onboarding

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You can upload all your client information, and their data, directly to Corpay One in a single click.

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Have documents sent directly to your clients' unique Corpay One inbox. Use workflows to automate time-consuming manual accounting processes.

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Increase your client base. The intuitive client overview means you can handle clients and employees more efficiently, creating time to take on more business.

Make space for bigger things. Automate your payments.