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No spreadsheets. No manual data entry. No stress.
Small businesses save time with automated accounting and billy pay from Corpay One
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Companies use Corpay One to...

Business grows and expenses increase, but the time available to deal with them remains static.


With Corpay One you can scale without hiring extra employees to handle your expenses and bookkeeping.


Data entry, document scanning, and long approval processes hinder productivity. Corpay One improves efficiency using process automation and integration with existing software.

Record accurate data

Your accounting records are only as reliable as the people inputting data - reduce human error by removing manual data entry.
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Manage expenses

Make complex processes simple with Corpay One. Our workflows automatically seek approval from the right people to save you time and keep you in control.


Handle supplier payments on the go

As long as you have mobile coverage you can pay invoices, approve payments and monitor your company's expenses with the app.

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Restore focus

Corpay One is your means to achieve a workday focused on value creation and growth - avoid sinking hours into expense handling and invoice payments.

Corpay One is for the whole company

Corpay One includes unlimited users - your entire organisaton is more productive without having to pay for additional licenses.


Upload and pay invoices, and see a full overview of the company's finances using our intuitive and scalable solution.


See a full overview of your business cash outflows and spend less time worrying.

The Manager

Reduce your workload by controlling all your company expenses with a single tool.

The Employee

Avoid spending hours sorting out reimbursements. Upload receipts to Corpay One's solution and receive your money back 15 times faster.

The Bookkeeper

No more hunting for lost receipts and missing invoices. Say goodbye to manual data inputting errors. Use Corpay One to get one step ahead.

The Auditor

Base your reporting on accurate and comprehensive data. Corpay One is the ultimate solution for automated handling of your clients' bookkeeping.

Original Coffee quadrupled the number of their cafes without expanding their finance department.

"We have more cafes today, but we still work in the same way in our bookkeeping as when we had one. In addition to saving us time and money, Corpay One has enabled us to grow the company and at the same time maintain the financial overview."
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Martin Hjarsbæk, CFO
Martin Hjarsbæk
Chief Financial Officer
Original Coffee
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