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We love the control and flexibility that workflows give us.

Corpay One has helped Original Coffee's accounting department make a complete shift from doing manual entry work to being able to focus on financial management instead.

Martin Hjarsbæk,
Cafés and restaurants

Original Coffee is built on a foundation of great coffee and great service.

The Danish chain was founded in 2012 and consists of 11 cafés in Copenhagen. Each location has its own completely unique atmosphere, which stems from the history of the local environment.

Original Coffee places great emphasis on product, service and atmosphere, but there is also a special focus on the dynamics of the individual store.

Original Coffee started using Corpay One in 2018. For them, Corpay One is a superstructure for managing their financial processes, which comes with running a growing business.

In the fall of 2020, the Corpay One team has worked closely with Original Coffee to build a custom integration for their financial system - NetSuite. An integration adapted to Original Coffee's unique needs.

Corpay One has spoken to Original Coffee's CFO, Martin Hjarsbæk, in order to provide the best possible picture of the company's automation history.

Automated B2B payments

Martin first heard about Corpay One through his network.

“I researched and found that Corpay One was a great way to eliminate the manual processes that were not serving an efficient purpose. This way I could focus on the important aspects of our business. That was the reason why we implemented Corpay One in our finance department," he says.

Before Original Coffee took on Corpay One, one employee spent 15 hours a week handling the payment of bills. After Corpay One became part of everyday life, that time was reduced by 60% - even though the number of invoices quadrupled.

Corpay One has helped Original Coffee's accounting department make a complete shift from doing manual entry work to being able to focus on financial management instead.

What resources had previously been used hiring new employees for the bookkeeping department, is now instead being used on existing employees and growth of the company, according to Martin.

Workflows is at the heart of extraordinary operations

Original Coffee is on an ambitious growth journey.

To scale, they use automation to remove the operational inefficiencies that result from running a growing business. For example, Martin and his team found out that suppliers were sending them invoices twice, and they were therefore paying twice - without realizing it.

With Corpay One, they have been able to achieve a level of control and accuracy that would not have been possible without automation. They are able to handle data in a more scalable and productive way.

Corpay One's Workflows are central to the way Original Coffee works.

They have workflows that automatically designate the employee who works most closely with a given supplier and who approves the payment of the supplier's invoices.

“We love the control and flexibility that Workflows gives us. We can let things slide through in an automatic way or step in and make a change to meet our needs, like delaying a bill payment for a few days”, says Martin.

In addition to this, a busy team, like the team behind Original Coffee, needs the peace of mind and a system that supports it.

They appreciate the support that the Corpay One team has provided - both in day-to-day work and in a larger project such as the integration with NetSuite.

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