Automatic bookkeeping

Achieve flawless accounts with automatic bookkeeping

Take one step closer to automatic bookkeeping with Corpay One's intuitive Workflows that intelligently streamline your financial processes.

New accounting program: let us take the heavy accounting load

The way to strong economic health is through simple and compliant financial accounting. You can design workflows that align with your business processes. Are you seeking a solution for your creditor concerns? Corpay One's Automatic Accounting makes your processes effective and clear.
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Correct data

Corpay One takes care of data entry, avoiding serious manual errors.

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Synchronised accounting

Do you have an existing accounting program? Synchronise all your accounts, lists and other data with Corpay One.

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Full control

Your company's accounting policies and rules are built directly into our workflows so you always adhere to internal compliance.

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Always reconciled

With Corpay One you can match your bank account payments to corresponding invoices so all expenses are posted correctly. Always.

Build Workflows

Digital accounting with intuitive “drag & drop” experience

Corpay One's flexible workflows let you and your team formulate simple rules covering everything from approval procedures to automatic accounting. You simply insert the criteria and actions into the rule builder. The 'drag & drop' feature improves the user experience for everyone, and automatic accounting reduces manual workload. It couldn't be easier!
Corpay One's accounting automation workflow builder displayed on an iPad.

If this, then that

If you can formulate an accounting rule, then you can make a workflow that executes it automatically. Unlimited automations are included.

Bill amount

The amount owing on a bill that needs to be paid.


Keywords found within the bill, receipt or email that might help categorize the expense.


The name of the vendor who needs to be automatically paid.


Corpay One supports different currencies and can help you use bank accounts with different currencies to pay.


Is this document a bill, receipt, credit note or reimbursement? Define rules depending on which type.

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You can build Workflows based on the original uploader of the document.

Require approval

This is the member(s) of the team, or department, needed to approve the expense for internal compliance.

Disable autopay

Are there certain processes to follow with this vendor? Stop payments from happening automatically.

Add message

Need to add some additional context to this type of expense? Do it in Workflows.

Add a label

Corpay One uses your accounting system data to import categories, departments and more. Add them here.

Grey checkmark

Mark as paid

Is this an expense that's already paid using another method - like cash? Mark it here so it doesn't get paid twice.

Disable sync

Don't want to send this to your accounting system? Disable the synchronization of this document.

Easily email or upload invoices, bills and receipts to Corpay One.
Accounting inbox

Your paperless future with digital billing

Easily upload all your documents as soon as you receive them. Suppliers can also send them directly to your inbox. Take a step towards an economic and environmentally sustainable future with digital billing and automatic accounting.

Intelligent scanning

The end of typos

Once a document has been added and posted for the first time, Corpay One automatically fills the category and other data from your accounting program to subsequent documents from the same supplier. This avoids critical typing errors.

Error-free accounting is easy with intelligent invoice and bill scanning that instantly adds data to your Corpay One account.
Upload credit card or bank statements and let Corpay One automatically match your invoices and expenses.
Document match

Match payments to uploaded documents

Corpay One seamlessly matches documents to your bank statement. Employees can continuously add invoices as they are received to avoid hunting for documents at month end.

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The new standard in automatic accounting

Corpay One's global payment platform and advanced automations boost your company's productivity and growth. Meet the new standard of automatic accounting that eliminates manual and value-draining tasks.


Upgrade your accounting program

Corpay One strengthens your accounting program by syncing both ways in real time - all attachments and payments are always reconciled. If you migrate to a new accounting software, you create a safer sync following upgrade to automated accounting.


There are limitless ways Corpay One can optimize your accounting and bookkeeping workflow. Let us make your Xero system even smarter.

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QuickBooks Online

Scan, pay and sync invoices and vendors directly to QuickBooks Online. Automate your entire accounting and payments workflow with one easy platform.

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Corpay One acts as a layer of automation with your accounting system. Using Zapier and Corpay One together to power-up your FreshBooks accounting

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The companies of the future automate with Corpay One.

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