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We’re thrilled to have found a tool like Corpay One that helps us keep vendor relationships strong.

CareCar uses Corpay One's DirectPay option to build stronger vendor relationships and save transaction fees.

Joshua Itano
Healthcare Services

CareCar: Automated B2B payments made simple with Corpay One

CareCar works with high-risk populations. They are a health services company, specializing in non-emergency medical transportation. Their slate of services also includes care coordination, case management support and special needs home delivery services. 

CareCar’s operation relies on working with external vendors they contract to ensure their clients have access to the care they need. For them, building strong vendor relationships backed by trust is critical to the success of their business. 

They also rely on data as they grow, both on the business side and internally, to help them build for the future. 

CareCar uses qualitative and quantitative methods to dramatically raise the standards of quality and timeliness of the services they offer, compared to the industry’s existing providers.

Corpay One connected with CareCar’s CEO, Joshua Itano, to talk about how CareCar has been working with Corpay One to automate payments and optimize their workflow. 

The ultimate payments platform

CareCar initially started working with another accounts payable tool, but became increasingly frustrated with the outdated user experience and complicated user interface. 

That’s when CareCar turned to Corpay One. They’ve been using Corpay One since 2019 to automate payments and other finance tasks. 

“In my opinion, getting started with a great product shouldn’t require handholding from the software provider, and Corpay One was so easy to set up,” Joshua says. 

Joshua initially found Corpay One through an online ad. He then passed the information along to their head of accounts payable. They were able to onboard themselves, without needing to connect with our global support team. 

CareCar really wanted a dashboard that would allow them to view incoming bills, pending payments and paid bills - all in one place. 

As a busy tech startup with important vendor relationships to maintain, it wasn’t as simple as hiring someone to run their payments processes. Corpay One enabled CareCar to run tasks like accounts payable with the team they had, while looking forward to a time when they could easily onboard an in-house controller to oversee all finances. 

“It’s critical to our success to be able to see a full picture of past and upcoming bills, and ensure their timely payment. We contract directly with healthcare providers that manage the populations we’re serving, so relationships are everything. This is why we’re thrilled to have found a tool like Corpay One that helps us keep them strong,” Joshua says. 

Unlocking DirectPay 

Earlier this year, Corpay One rolled out our DirectPay payment option to customers in the United States. 

CareCar was an early adopter. DirectPay is an instant, no-fee payment option. Payments are made via a virtual credit card which is sent automatically to the vendor on the payment date. No waiting for a check to get in the mail or an ACH payment to clear. 

CareCar uses automated Workflows in Corpay One to handle expense approvals. Then, they are able to pay their vendors instantly, saving around $500/month on transaction fees. 

CareCar relies on timely payments to vendors to help build trust and keep transactions smooth. 

“On the supply side, we want to narrow down our vendor list, and timely payments are invaluable when building trust with key vendors. Corpay One will play a big role in keeping these transactions smooth, and therefore keeping the relationships strong and reliable as we scale - crucial for us as a network-based company,” Joshua says. 

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