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March 16, 2020

Securely Migrate to Online Bill Pay with Corpay One [Formerly Roger]

Cathrine Andersen

Note: In March, 2021, Roger officially changed its name to Corpay One. Our features and functionality have not changed. To learn more and understand the change, read more.

Roger makes it possible for businesses to eliminate cutting checks on their own. Pay vendors and suppliers via check, ACH and Direct Pay through our secure Payments feature.

When businesses shift to remote work, they need to shift all of their day-to-day processes to online channels.

We understand the importance of ensuring standard payment procedures, like paying contractors and suppliers, aren't disrupted. Checks are physical things. A person is needed to cut checks and ensure they get to the proper person on time.

With Roger's accounting automation software and secure payment process, teams no longer need to worry if suppliers will be paid on time, checks can be written, or if accounting processes are secure. None of your employees will need to run payment processes from home.

How Check payments work with Roger

In Roger, you can pay suppliers and contractors with any of the following payment methods. All payments are processed through an actual bank - no different than the banks you organization works with to handle daily transactions.

- Check (Delivered within 4-5 days via USPS first class mail)
- ACH (Delivered within 3-4 days)
- International Wire Transfer (Delivered within 3-5 days)
- Direct Pay (NEW to Roger. This means instant, no-fee payments for Roger users.

When an expense is added to Roger and passes through the approval flows you set, vendors are paid in the method of their choice. You choose which of your bank accounts you'd like the money to come from, then it goes through Roger's banking partner and paid to the vendor - on time and entirely hands-off.

To ensure all payments are reconciled, Roger integrates with your accounting system. Everything in Roger, from the categories you add to an expense, to the account you pay it from, will automatically sync to your system. Roger directly integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Dinero, NAV Smartapi, e-conomic and Uniconta, as well as NetSuite and Sage via our Zapier integration.

Keeping with compliance

With offices around the world closed, it's not as simple as a bookkeeper or accountant taking a stack of company checks home with them.

For most businesses, that would be seen as a compliance violation and opens businesses up to risk.

By using Roger, checks will be paid from the bank account of your choice, cut by Roger's secure third-party bank and sent directly to vendors for you. No one at your organization needs to physically handle a check and your team won't need to go into an office to ensure transactions happen.

Roger has built-in audit trails on every expense, so you know exactly who has uploaded, added payment information and approved expenses. The same goes for each vendor profile, with the ability to set different permissions on your team for who has the ability to edit vendor profiles and edit expense information.

Plus, your financial and data security are guaranteed. Your data is fully protected with AES-256 encryption, 2-factor authentication and fraud detection built in.

Avoiding disruption

Roger is powering remote work.

Businesses no longer need to worry if their vendors will be paid or if their accounting process will be entirely uprooted when offices close.

With Roger, all of your expense data and internal approval and categorization processes are brought together in one seamless platform. Roger automates processes that typically require in-person interaction, giving you peace of mind with full visibility and customization.

Need check payments handled? Roger will help you protect your valuable supplier relationships and make sure you don't miss any payments - no matter where you're working from.

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