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Why Corpay One?

Corpay One works with your accounting system, automating accounts payable and paying your vendors for you safely and quickly.
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Automate and optimize

Corpay One reduces the amount of time you spend scanning, approving and paying invoices by up to 80%.

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Customise how
you pay

We can pay your vendors by Faster Payments, SEPA and Visa Business Expense Card.

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Once you approve an invoice, Corpay One issues payments to your vendors on the due date on your behalf.

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Safe, secure and error-free

Avoid duplicate and late payments, as well as vendor and internal fraud.

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One-stop solution

Your payment needs covered

Your suppliers will love that you are using Corpay One. Invoice payments are on time, every time. Online or in person payment needs too? We’ve got your covered with our Visa Business Expense Card to provide an all-round payment and invoice solution.


Automate spending rules

Corpay One's Workflows function enables you to customize how you pay. Need to disable automatic payments, send to multiple approvers or define accounting rules? We help you automate.

Automate spending rules
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Simple integration with your tech stack

With Corpay One, automate the accounting and bookkeeping process entirely, recording payments and their details in your accounting system in real-time. You can even configure approvals from Slack.

Stop wasting time on slow invoice payment.

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